Santini Sleek 2.0 triatlon için özel tasarlanmış üst parça

249,00 TL KDV Dahil
333,00 TL KDV Dahil

Santini Sleek 2.0 kadınlar için özel tasarlanmış üst parça triatlon mayosu

279,00 TL KDV Dahil
369,00 TL KDV Dahil

The Sleek 777 trisuit is anatomically cut, constructed with the exclusive Acquazero light fabric by Sitip with elasticated mesh inserts on sleeves and sides for better
ventilation. Front zip with cam lock allows great fit and comfort. Extremely fast drying for improved bike performance. Lightweight, UVA and UVB rays resistant and
completely breathable to keep you cool during the run.

Made in Italy.

899,00 TL KDV Dahil